Work History

  1. Smartsheet | Principal Engineer

    My role at Smartsheet is quite broad. I'm on the team rebuilding the core "sheet" product. That includes the grid/card/gannt/calenar views.

    My primary focus has been how to scale the product to meet the data expectations set by customers. I also spearheaded the realtime collaboration portion of the app which allows all logged-in users on a sheet see what other users are doing. This was particularly challenging because we needed to process, commit, and transfer action to all users in under a second.

  2. Drift | Staff Engineer

    Drift acquired Siftrock in 2018.

    I lead the Email AI team responsible for over-seeing our next-generation of Classification and NLP of email. I work with the product team to scope out work, and set goals. I am able to take an ambiguous task and work through the use-cases and design to meet the business need.

    Once something has been properly scoped I work through the architecture making sure any impact is removed (or at a minimum, limited and understood) and begin implementation.

  3. Siftrock | Principal Engineer

    Siftrock was acquired by drift in August 2018.

    At Siftrock I would work with a product manager to build and deliver the core of Email AI. I was responsible for the design and architecture of the entire system.

    We leveraged Node.js microservices running in AWS to have a fast and reliable machine learning platform that could scale to meet demand. Angular was used on the frontend to give customers the ability to view, route, and track incoming email.

  4. Slalom Consulting | Sr. Technical Consultant

    As a Technical Consultant I worked with a number of companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, Premera, and Starbucks.

    My role would vary, but in general I would be doing design and architecture (both on-site and cloud) as well as implementation of the backend and frontend systems. The technologies used would vary from company to company, but they included Java, Node.js, Angular, React, and C#.

  5. Optify | Sr. Engineer

    Optify offered a cloud based solution for marketing agencies to manage their programs.

    I was on the team that led the conversion of the front end to an MVC UI. I contributed to the architecture, design, and code for several critical systems in the Optify product. My particular focus was on performance, scale, reliability, and distributed systems.

  6. Slalom Consulting | Technical Consultant

    I was on the team working on the "rGuest Stay" platform for Agilysys. As a full-stack engineer on the team, I would work on both the Angular website and the Java/Spring backend.

  7. Visible Technologies | Lead Engineer

    After about two years as an enginner I was promoted to Lead. My responsibilities included building my team (recruiting new talent, and mentoring current team members), architecture and design of systems for "Big Data", and contributing to development. I was also responsible for making sure my team met the high standard of development practices we have had set in place.

  8. Visible Technologies | Software Engineer

    As a developer on the Visible product suite I was responsible for designing specific features and expected to meet a high standard of development practices.

  9. Bricmont | Software Engineer

    Bricmont designs and builds industrial furnaces. Part of each contract was a desktop based training tool. I was part of the team building a web based replacement. We used and SQL Server to do this.